Software Developer / Technical Account Manager

Key Words: Versatility, adaptability and eager to learn new skills.
Skilled software engineer and open source enthusiastic, always willing to give up my best to learn new stuff   and workout my skills in addition to caring about code quality I deliver.

Despite my short experience, I have been lucky to cover a diverse set of software development tools, languages and methodologies working for companies of all sizes. I have regularly been tasked with new growth experiences beyond my realm, and I have been able to get things accomplished quickly and with respect to deadlines. While I'm starting my career, I can see my myself quickly upgrading to an experienced Java developer and a good team worker.

Goals: as an Open Source enthusiastic I'm always looking forward to contribute to the community sources. I also look to learn, both on my own and from others. I like to share my knowledge and specially automation tools and tricks I came across along my experience.


National Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology INSAT

B. of Sc. in Computer Sciences, Software Engineering
2008 - 2013 (5 years), Tunisia


Technical Account Manager at eXo Platform

100-300 employees; Software Industry
September 2013 - Present, Tunis

As a Technical Support Engineer, I provide support to our customers for diagnosing, reproducing, and fixing reported issues. As an eXo Platform technical account manager I:
  • Provide personalized support and guidance, cultivate high-value relationships as I gain an understanding of customers' IT infrastructures, internal processes, and business needs.
  • Supporting clients in platform and product configuration within their environment.
  • Participating in the resolution of customer technical problems through Research and Development.
  • Perform, from 1st to 3rd level, investigation and respond to online support requests. Analyze anomalies and problems, all respecting customer engagement and needs.
  • Perform technical reviews and provide knowledge sharing to proactively identify and prevent issues.
  • Corrections / patches delivery and follow until they are integrated into the customer environment and ensure their satisfaction.
  • Being the guardian of the complete management of customer receipts and provide solutions.

Java SE/EE Developer at Power Agility

10-50 employees; IT industry
February 2013 - Mai 2013 (4 months), Soukra, Ariana, Tunisia

Designing and implementing a geo-localized social web application:
  • Analysis of customer requirements.
  • Technical and Functional Specification Drafting.
  • Designing and developing the core and main features of the application.
  • Testing the product and ensuring its integration in a customer similar environment.

Behind the tech:

  • Small team.
  • First "Startup" experience.
  • Learning to set up all needed layers to build a complete web application. From the first line of code to production deployment.
  • Discovering Continuous Integration tools (Jenkins) and Software Quality Management (Sonar)

Java SE/EE Developer at Simac

50-100 employees; IT & Communication Industry
June 2012 - July 2012 (2 months), Tunis, Tunisia

Design and development of an Administration Module for user management under an Asset Management application:
  • Functional and technical analysis.
  • Implementing a organization management module for portal users with identity set up and roles assignment

Mobile Developer at Microsoft Innovation Center

10-50 employees; Information Technology industry
June 2011 - July 2011 (2 months), Ghazala City, Ariana, Tunisia

Desing and Implementation of a mobile application: Presentation and promotion of the Imagine CUP event:
  • Research and studies of the used technologies.
  • Developing a Windows Phone application.


Coding projects:

Wise Utils:
Wise Utils in nothing but a set of utilities I have built when the need is met.

Wise Archetypes:
A set of archetypes for common used projects structure.

Task Management Portlet:
A portlet built with Juzu following a RESTful style, to run on GateIn Portal.

This resume along with my blog:
Built with Jekyll Bootstrap, and hosted on Github Pages.

Coderwall Achievements:


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